Chris Coverdale interview with Tony Farrel

Most taxpayers know that evading tax is a crime, but how many of us know that paying tax, council tax, fines, PAYE, can also be a war crime? 

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An open letter to the international community from former Guantanamo prisoner

The International information portal “Voice of the world” has got the information about the human rights violation.

The man sent a letter and told about his life situation. According to his letter:

I am Mr. Adel Amin Tayeb BEN HAMLILI, former Guantanamo prisoner, and am writing to ask for an urgent help in order to find solutions to my very difficult and dire situation after having failed to contact UN offices via fax, snail mail, e-mail and DHL special mail.


I have also mailed the UN Secretary General through the United Nations website, but unfortunately all these attempts did not succeed because of the intervention of United States authorities who prevented my mails from reaching him.

13553349_1050492568365151_2015398828_nI am living in very difficult conditions because I have been refused the right to bring my wife and my children back from Pakistan to Algeria, I have been refused the right to have the money that was raised for me during my imprisonment in Guantanamo and put in a UBS account in Switzerland, and I have been refused the visa to go to Pakistan to see my wife and my children.

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US Used Small Nuclear Weapons in Iraq

The US and UK did not provide proof that the Muslims listed as the hijackers committed the crimes. They did not do the careful police work to track down just the guilty and punish them. It was this failure to punish only the guilty after establishing their guilt in the Courts which lead to the wars.


[Editor’s note: First, a disclaimer, I found this article while doing research and do not know if it is authentic or not. However, I feel it is worth publishing as it contains much valid information about the use of Depleted Uranium and the horrible aftermath of health issues it has caused. The information about the use of DU is in no way exaggerated, in fact, if we add the use of nuclear bombs, as revealed by VT, then the potential for the destruction of the health and lives of veterans is both mind-boggling and deeply infuriating. Ian]

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US occupation of Syria is now official

“This is a historic and dangerous development which only increases the chances of total war.”


Over the last 24 hours, the United States has made clear its status as a hostile occupational force in Syria. Yesterday, the US issued a communique to the legitimate Syrian government and the Russian anti-terrorist coalition assisting the Syrians.

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Fringe theatre review: Iraq Out and Loud – Read what you want into Chilcot

Bob Slayer and Omid Djalili organised the marathon read and, as well as politicians and veterans, many fellow comics have put in a shift with Scot stand-up Cammy Sinclair reading for five hours, dressed as a giraffe. The section read by me and three others deals with reconstruction efforts around May 2005 to June 2006, and the formation of a new government.

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Letter to send to your local MP on the laws of war. Would be great if all MP’s get this letter

This is the correct legal advice on the illegality of war that the Attorney General should have given to Parliament, HM forces, taxpayers and the media prior to the Iraq war.


To: Parliament


From: The Attorney General                                                               March 7th 2003


Legal advice on the illegality of military action


The proposed attack on Iraq is unequivocally illegal and criminal.   If Britain joins the United States in the invasion and occupation of Iraq or any other State, injuring or killing its citizens, we will violate treaties, breach the laws of war and render ourselves, HM forces and UK taxpayers liable to prosecution and punishment by the International Criminal Court for the world’s most serious crimes.  Under no circumstances should you entertain such a course of action.

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Video: Yemeni forces toy with Saudi Army in Najran

Pictures taken by Yemenis inside Saudi Arabia show the intense proximity of the anti-Saudi Coalition forces to the densely-populated city of Najran.

By Izat Charkatli

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Trident nuke renewal plan blown out the water by govt’s own watchdog

Britain’s new multibillion-pound Trident nuclear submarine fleet may be in jeopardy after the government’s own watchdog warned the project faces “major risks.”

HMS Vengeance, a British Royal Navy Vanguard class Trident Ballistic Missile Submarine. © David Moir

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has cast doubt on the Trident renewal plan. The deterrent is expected to vastly exceed its budget and face technical and managerial problems.

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China Prepares For ‘Sudden War’ With America

China are preparing for a sudden and all-out war with the U.S. as they hold large-scale military drills in the East China Sea.

China conducts military drills in preparation for 'sudden war' with U.S.

According to a Chinese military official, the drills represent a readiness by The People’s Liberation Army to fight a “cruel and short” war.

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Four Million Muslims Killed in US-NATO Wars: Should We Call It Genocide?

Hearkening back to the Japanese interment camps of WWII, some Americans are now calling for Muslims to be placed in camps or even openly calling for genocide against the 1.6 billion practitioners of the faith.


Image: Afghan villagers sit near the bodies of children who they said were killed during a NATO air strike in the Kunar province of Afghanistan. April 7, 2013. (Reuters)

Note: Following the recent US House of Representatives vote to declare that ISIS is committing genocide in Iraq and Syria, we bring to the attention of our readers this article originally published in August 2015.

It may never be possible to know the true death toll of the modern Western wars on the Middle East, but that figure could be 4 million or higher. Since the vast majority of those killed were of Arab descent, and mostly Muslim, when would it be fair to accuse the United States and its allies of genocide?

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War is peace

HOT’s Sean O’ Shea talks to local activist and anti-war campaigner, Chris Coverdale, about his background, the people who have inspired him, the laws of war, the reasons why so few people are charged for war crimes and his prison experience.


War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

 1984, George Orwell

Could you say a bit about your professional background and how you became interested in politics?

For twenty five years of my life I was a director of a management and organisation development consultancy working on developing teamwork and innovation in organisations. After suffering two successive corporate frauds, I spent four years investigating fraud and corruption in business and government in Britain.

In 2002 I discovered that the Government had been breaking the laws of war for decades, so together with two other peace activists, I attempted to obtain an injunction to prevent Tony Blair from going to war with Iraq.

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