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Calling on all who are of conscience to enforce the law.

Murder is always a crime, and the murder of children is the most heinous of crimes. There comes a time when women and men must align themselves to correct action and moral fortitude and persistence for truth & justice. The … Continue reading

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The lies that lead to war

How the Government deceived Parliament, HM forces, the media and the public into waging illegal wars with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. “War is essentially an evil thing.  Its consequences are not confined to the belligerent states alone, but affect the … Continue reading

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CONCERNING FRIENDLY RELATIONS AND CO-OPERATION AMONG STATES IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS In 1962, concerned at the increase in violations of the UN Charter, the UN General Assembly asked the International Law Commission (ILC) for definitive … Continue reading

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Make Wars History Press Conference parliament 23 April 2013

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