New book out with evidence of war crimes in Iraq, Libya and Syria

Terry Gardiner was a successful businessman having lived and carried out many business interests throughout the Middle-East for over 30 years, with several offices in the region including Iraq itself, establishing an affiliated office in Baghdad in 1998.


This was during a period that Blair was complicit with the then American President Bill Clinton already bombing Iraq on a regular basis, resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, many of were women and children.

Probably unknown by the majority of the public, by August 1999, American and British pilots had fired more than 1,100 missiles against 359 targets in Iraq, with bombings.

This bombing campaign was particularly abhorrent given that the Iraqi’s were at the time and had been from 1991 under severe sanctions which itself was to cause thousands of Iraqi deaths, among them a large majority of women and children, these sanctions were only lifted on 22nd May 2003 a good two months after the start of the invasion against a sovereign state.

What is amoral about the bombing during the 1990’s was that the UK and America were not even at war with Iraq, during that period the UK alone had dropped hundreds of tonnes of bombs, with America dropping even more.

If at the time of these bombings by the Americans and British do you not think that if Saddam had weapons of mass destruction he would not have responded and unlike the Americans and British bombing, under International Law any retaliation by Iraq would have been legal, the facts are that British and Americans knew they could bomb at will fully knowing that Iraq’s military strength was practically zero due to the sanctions. The bombing campaign on Iraq by the British and Americans before the invasion carried on mainly unreported right up to 2001, but will be detailed in the book.

His book ‘Iraq’ The rape of a country will describe in detail from a personal eyewitness account having re-entered Iraq in April 2003, how he was to witness at close quarters some of the horrific acts perpetrated in an alleged illegal war, with America cynically using banned weapons of mass destruction namely ‘Napalm’ but reconfigured and rebranded as MK-77, with results so horrific it is difficult to describe, stripping the flesh from its victims, right down to the bone.

Baha Mousa was someone else who had worked for Terry in his Basra office before being murdered by British soldiers in September 2003, in 2007 another Iraqi employee from his Baghdad office was to be abducted and beheaded by Iraqi insurgents his body left in a rubbish skip in the Al-Shorja central food market just across the Tigris river not far from the office.

The author himself was to be kidnapped in 2004, which will be detailed in the book.

You will read how the aggression and brutality of the coalition force’s have alienated not just the Iraqi people, provoking anger and thirst for revenge across the region, and how what is happening in Syria and Libya can be traced backed to the invasion of Iraq, something that will be detailed in the book with documentary evidence.

​Anyone who was against the alleged illegal invasion of Iraq and the more recent events in Syria and Libya, and now the unthinkable prospect of a third world war should read this book, which will unveil the hypocritical propaganda of both the UK and America, detailing right up to September 2016 how an average of 700 Innocent Iraqi’s are still being killed month on month, yet cynically not being reported by the western media.

Author Terry Gardiner is available for public speaking events and book signings, to talk about his 30 years experience living in Iraq.


For bookings, please email

Book is now released

This book is available in the UK at £12.99 plus £2 P&P, reserve your copy today. 

The book will be available to purchase outside of the UK soon, and an announcement will be made via this website and social media channels in due course.

Parts of the proceeds will go to the Iraqi Orphan Fund as there are over 3 million Iraqi orphans many living on the streets.

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