This book is dedicated as a mark of respect to the memory of over one million innocent Iraqi people, the vast majority women and children who have been killed, with hundreds of thousands more left with life changing injuries sustained during the 2003 invasion and the continued ongoing war in Iraq, Syria, and other Middle-East regions.

To the reported 3.5 million Iraqi orphan children and all the innocent civilians of the region and other nations worldwide who will be killed or horrendously maimed in the future being caught up in something which was not of their making, and as a consequence of the actions of certain egotistical and greedy individuals.



Author Terry Gardiner is available for public speaking events and book signings, to talk about his 30 years experience living in Iraq.

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Terry Gardiner ran a business in the Middle East for 35 years, 7 of which were in Iraq, and was living and working in Baghdad when America and its allies invaded Iraq in 2003.

During the months that followed he experienced the full horror of war, and witnessed appalling abuse by certain sections of the coalition forces. One of his staff was abducted and decapitated by the insurgents, while another died under torture at the hands of the British. Gardiner was even kidnapped himself at one point, escaping with his life only because he was able to convince his captors that he was pro-Iraqi. And he knows the truth about how, where and when Saddam Hussein was really captured.

Iraq, the rape of a Country reveals – with documentary evidence – how the aggression and brutality of some US forces, aided by the British, has devastated Iraq and its people, and how greedy Western interests have led to the rape and near-destruction of a country and helped to provoke a terrorist backlash.

Book is now released on Amazon

This book is available in the UK at £9.99 plus £2.80 P&P

The book is also available in America, Canada, Australia and all of Europe.

Parts of the proceeds will go to the Iraqi Orphan Fund as there are over 3 million Iraqi orphans many living on the streets.

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