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2003-2011: Half million Iraqis died in war, occupation – The figure is around four times bigger than most previous estimates.

An estimated 460,000 deaths in Iraq from March 2003 to mid-2011 were caused by violence during the war with the US and the subsequent occupation by coalition forces, according to a statistical research published in PLOS (Public Library of Science) Medicine journal, an open access source.

Ex US Marine Speaks the Truth about Afghanistan, Israel and Iraq ( Powerful MUST SEE! )

Bradley Manning Tells Court Public Have the Right to Know About US – American Attorney for Julian Assange, Michael Ratner, reports he was in the courtroom and witnessed Manning speak with confidence and intelligence as he detailed the outrages that drove him to upload the documents to Wikileaks.

Bradley Manning can receive letters. If you would like to write him and give him encouragement here is the address:

Commander, HHC USAG
Attn: PFC Bradley Manning
239 Sheridan Ave, Bldg 417
JBM-HH, VA 22211

Keep in mind, it will all be read!!

The New York Times & Their Coverage of Recent ‘Aiding the Enemy’ Ruling in Bradley Manning’s Trial – The military judge in the trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning decided to not acquit Manning of “aiding the enemy.”

Manning acquitted of aiding enemy but convicted on other charges – The verdict is in: Bradley Manning has been found guilty on 19 charges. It’s not too late to act- Major General Buchanan still has the ability to reduce Manning’s sentence. Email him ( and/or call him (202-685-2900) now to demand he do so, then share this message!

Bradley Manning website –

European Parliamentarians call on President Obama to free Bradley Manning – Open Letter from Members of the European Parliament to President Barack Obama and US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

Friday 9 August 7pm
Hilda Porter Room, TheWesley
81-103 Euston Street London NW1 2EZ
(2 minute walk from Euston Station)

Tariq Ali writer and activist
Peter Tatchell human rights campaigner
Norman Solomon US author and activist
Chris Nineham Stop the War Coalition
Kate Hudson CND

RT interview on Manning sentencing By Annie Machon

Here is my most recent RT inter­view, live as Chelsea Man­ning was sen­tenced to 35 years in a US prison for blow­ing the whistle and expos­ing war crimes.

Agent provacateurs that abused Brian Haws campaign in the months leading to his death? Parliament Square Peace Campaign (PSPC) Leaders Babs Tucker and Brian Haw repel a take-over bid of their Green Zone by agent provocateurs – working for corrupt British Government in concert with corrupt police et al – The Green Zone opposite the British Parliament, that PSPC won at High Court of Appeal, is intact and clear of pirates, bandits and corrupt pretend ‘peace campaigners’. The fight continues, we go forward to win. Brian Haw this time was ‘arrested’ for being Innocent, much of the World will understand how this happens. We need a Universal System of Justice for All, we need most of the World’s good people to do what they can to make this happen. Take a look at this video and say who the criminals are. Then take a bigger look at the World. Then please do something to make change for the better, thank you. — Brian W Haw.

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